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Historical Development of Decorative Paper

Issuing time:2023-04-20 09:23Author:Lang Xuan Decoration

In the late 1990s, the furniture produced in the society was still mainly solid wood furniture. With the development of the times, decorative paper veneer furniture overcomes the disadvantages of solid wood furniture, such as bulkiness, many gaps, high cost, and monotonous colors, with its novelty and beauty. Become the darling of the market. The historical situation of decorative paper in our domestic wood-based panels. Our decorative paper has been used in our country for more than 30 years. At the end of the 1960s, our country was using decorative paper to make fireproof boards. These fireproof boards were manufactured by some large state-owned factories. Until the end of the 1970s, we began to study the direct veneer paper, because it requires a high pressure, up to 60 or 70 kilograms of pressure, and ordinary wood-based panels, including particle boards, cannot bear such pressure, so With high pressure, it can only be made into a fireproof board first, and then glued to make it. Its manufacturing process is very complicated. It must be heated first, and then cooled before it can be taken out. At that time, the veneer was mainly used for the veneer of medium-density fiberboard and particleboard. Medium-density fiberboard was only used in the mid-1990s, mainly for kitchen furniture and office furniture. After the mid-1990s, laminate flooring began to enter our country's market. At first, it was an imported product. In the past, the paper we used was mainly printed domestically. Until around 2001, one was a foreign brand for the manufacture of fireproof boards, and some production bases were located in China. For example, some foreign brands of decorative paper, they successively We also set up factories in China. With the production of laminated flooring, some imported papers are used, especially fireproof boards. It is found that the appearance of the fireproof boards produced by imported paper is completely different from that of domestic paper. It has a completely new look. The original high-pressure fireproof board has dropped a little since the extrusion process came out. After all, the use of resources or the trouble of production has dropped a little. But with the use of some imported paper, Its market suddenly picked up again, mainly used in kitchen and office furniture, until now. So our country has been entering this century, decorative paper is a lot of printing plants and manufacturers of decorative paper, and the market for using this paper has risen, and the above-mentioned medium density has come out, so enter 21 Century decorative paper has been greatly improved in the secondary processing of wood-based panels. With the heating up of the real estate industry, people's requirements for the living environment and working environment have been continuously improved, which has promoted the popularity of the decorative paper market. As a result, the decorative paper industry in my country has been driven into a period of vigorous development. The amount of decorative paper has been increasing, the quality has been continuously improved, and the variety of designs and colors has become increasingly rich. In recent years (2014), in view of the requirements of surface plasticity and environmental protection, mainly formaldehyde-free requirements, decorative paper is different from the traditional dipping treatment with melamine impregnating solution, but after the ink is applied on the surface of the paper, and then Water-based polyurethane resin is coated on the surface to protect against scratches; after the water-based polyurethane resin is coated on the surface of the paper, the paper can also be wrapped and curled, and the plasticity will be better than before. This kind of more environmentally friendly production process is developed and produced in Zhejiang and Shandong, which provides a reference method for the water-based and environmental protection of the decoration industry.

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