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Do you know the advantages of these PVC edge banding strips?

Issuing time:2023-04-20 09:27Author:Lang Xuan Decoration

1. As far as application is concerned, PVC edge banding is easy to install, only needs to be made by hand, without heating or using common tools, and there is no need for hot melt or adhesive tape to seal the joints. For many beginners, it has obvious advantages. The characteristics of convenient and quick start;

2. Wide application coverage, in the connection and sealing of cables of different specifications and models, as well as indoor, outdoor, empty, put in water or laying places such as electric power engineering, communication cables, furniture windows, medical machinery, etc. There are certain applications in it, and cold shrinkage is also called pre-expansion technology. It can also be tightly sealed under normal daily heat and cold changes, and it will not cause gaps due to thermal expansion and contraction;

3. In terms of application characteristics, the resilience is strong, the axial contraction force is large, and the long-term use deformation is small. Even if the PVC sealing strip is used for a long time, it still maintains a long-term axial pressure on the cable. It is tightly sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof, and dirt-proof Excellent performance. It has high impact toughness, good flexibility, and has excellent physical and mechanical properties of puncture resistance, wear resistance, flex resistance, and fatigue resistance. In terms of chemical properties, it has the properties of salt corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, active oxygen aging resistance, weather aging resistance, and ultraviolet aging resistance;

4. From the aspect of production, PVC sealing strip is a thermosetting material, which has unique manufacturing operability advantages in the aspect of forming and extrusion. The color adjustment space of PVC material is large, the controllability of soft strength is wide, and the strength limit can be controlled. The lower limit of 100 degrees can reach 30 degrees. As long as the shrinkage is well controlled, the shape of the mouth and the color can be widely operated. It can also combine hard and soft co-extrusion processes to make multi-strength composite seals. strip.


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