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Which is the best furniture veneer material for decorative paper

Issuing time:2023-04-20 09:36Author:Lang Xuan Decoration

Decorative paper is an essential raw material in many building materials, such as low-pressure boards and high-pressure boards used in furniture and cabinets, as well as fireproof boards and floors.

In the product structure, the decorative paper is placed under the surface paper, mainly to provide decorative patterns and cover functions to prevent the glue from seeping out of the bottom layer. This layer requires paper with good hiding power, impregnation and printing properties. Decorative paper requires smooth surface, good absorbency and adaptability, uniform color tone is required for background color, and bright color is required for colored paper.

Compared with solid wood furniture, panel furniture is more affordable, and the veneer on the surface is more and more realistic, with various patterns and fashionable styles, so it is favored by young people and economical families. As far as the current market is concerned, the veneers of panel furniture are mainly made of six materials such as sticker skin, veneer veneer, baking varnish, crystal board, fireproof board, and molded board. my own.

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